The No MUOS movement acts on different levels, both with information and popularisation, and with a long and painstaking work of observation, data collection, legal opposition. In this page we report the most important initiatives.

Monitoring of EM radiation

Although MUOS has not been activated yet, 41 antennas are already active since 1991 in the NRTF-8 military base in Niscemi, Sicily. A number of experts warned against risks of EM radiation from those antennas, both for human health and for the equilibrium of the ecosystem of the Sughereta park in Niscemi.. Those experts highlighted that the monitoring campaign, run from 2008 to 2009 by the Sicilian environment protection agency (ARPAS), does not conform to international standards and to the Italian law. That is why we are trying to run an independent EM monitoring campaign, looking for fundings if necessary.

Collecting sanitary data

We want to demonstrate the the antennas in the military base of Niscemi, Sicily, are dangerous for human health and for the natural habitat of the Sughereta park in Niscemi. Hence, we need more that just simple data on EM emissions. We also need information on sanitary effects already present in the population of Niscemi. We are collecting data about the incidence of cancer and other diseases directly connected to EM radiations, in the district including Niscemi.

Spreading the word

Our demonstrations as well as our petitions have known a great success. Nonetheless, we know that our message has not reached most of our fellow citizens, yet. Still, lots of people do not have access to correct or complete information about MUOS. Our information campaign still goes on in real as well as virtual public spaces, in schools, in the institutions, through the press, and it will be boosted by producing brochures, movies, informative reports.


During the construction of the MUOS ground station in Niscemi, Sicily, No MUOS activists and citizens from Niscemi made traffic blocks to obstruct paths leading to the NRTF-8 military base. On January, 10th 2013 the crane that would install the parabolas had been brought into the base, escorted by riot police. Although the USA consulate reassured that contractors would not enter the base during the stop enforced by the Sicilian Region, many attempts were made to let technicians and civil personnel into the base disguised as military, during shift changes. While attempting to stop one of such convoys, on March 6h 2013 activists of the NO MUOS Mothers of Niscemi where charged by police. Three of them were injured.