The No M.U.O.S. Movement

The No MUOS movement aggregates people, mostly from Sicily, sharing an idea of progress based on the development of territory, rather that its debasement to make room for war devices. Citizens who believe in a central role, for Sicily, in a Mediterranean of peace. The movement aims at the revocation of authorisations to build and activate the MUOS station in Niscemi, Sicily. We pursue this objective at the political level, in courtrooms, in workshops, in the street.

We act on different levels: safeguarding the ecosystem of the Sughereta park, protecting the health of Sicilian citizens, especially of those who live close to the military base, independent monitoring of radiations, information campaigns and petitions, political lobbying, legal actions.

The No MUOS movement is a group of people brought together by spirit of service towards our community. We are people who feel strong responsibility towards our fellow citizens who, freely and with enthusiasm, joined our cause. Hence, we feel obliged to be free from political influence. Our movement is a complex and colourful body, where different groups work together or independently. There are town-level committees, most of which organised into a uniquely-coordinated group (coordinamento regionale dei comitati), the Movimento No MUOS Sicilia, a legally-recognised association (the one who holds this website), the committees of the well-known No MUOS Mothers, anti-mafia associations, cultural groups.